Siblings ep 2 "Don't Wake Robby!" music credits

Since so many people are always asking about the soundtrack of Siblings episode 2, "Don't Wake Robby!", I've put together a list of the songs used and the albums you can find them on. Because I'm nice like that.



1st song played = "Chop Suey!"

by System of a Down, found on their album "Toxicity"

2nd song played = "(Wake up) Make a Move"

by Lost Prophets, found on their album "Start Something"

3rd song played = "(O.J.) Wake up"

by Snoop Dogg, found on his album "Tha Doggfather"

4th song played = "Wake up everybody"

by Harold Melvin & the blues notes, found on their album "Wake up Everybody"

5th song played = "Wake up America"

by Darryl Worley, from his self titled album.